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Amalfi Coast Charter organizes guided tours of the coves, bays and fjords of the Amalfi Coast; trips and excursions with charter boats to the island of Capri; snorkeling trips near the archipelago of Li Galli; boat rides at sunset; boat rental for the Sorrento peninsula.


Amalfi Coast Charter organizes personalized tours to the island of Capri: starting from the pier located near the beach of Praiano navigation proceeds along the Amalfi Coast directed to the island of Li Galli, then crossing the Punta Campanella Park until the island of Capri is reached. There customers can admire the beauty of the “blue island”: the White Grotto, where you can admire the statue of Our Lady, a large stalagmite that resembles Mary in pray; the Faraglioni, overlooking Marina Piccola; the Natural Arch; the Green Grotto. Once in Capri, it will also be possible to choose where to stop and also choose the most romantic corner where clients can have a fresh swim. If the guests wish, they can also visit the Blue Grotto (optional visit, with an admission fee). Depending on the duration of the trip, it is possible to have a break on the mainland, to admire the beauty of the island.

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Positano Li Galli Nerano

The tour starts from Marina di Praia, heading to Nerano and Positano, and clients are carried to Positano by boat, then the tour continues to the archipelago of Li Galli, with its islands rich in myths and stories to tell: Homer in the Odyssey, describing the rocks where the mythical Sirens live, was probably speaking of the islands of Li Galli. Li Galli are part of the marine reserve of Punta Campanella: here tourists can swim in the crystal clear sea and dive in depth, having a look at the rich underwater life. After completing the tour of the three islands in the archipelago, where the great Russian dancers Leonide Massine and Rudolf Nureyev were used to live in, the tour heads back to the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Recommone, famous for the Lovers Grotto, which can only be reached by swimming.

The tour ends with a visit to Nerano, a beautiful seaside resort located between the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento peninsula: here the tourists can enjoy the local delicacies in one of the many local restaurants, before going back to Praiano.

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Amalfi Coast

The journey around the Amalfi Coast allows tourists to admire the wonders of the sea of the “Divine Coast”: bays, fjords, coves and caves, some of which accessible only by sea, will be observable from a privileged point of view. During the tour, a short break at the Fjord of Furore, a former fishing village now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is taken in account, and then another one at the Grotta dello Smeraldo (stop on request). Afterwards, the Arco Naturale will be the location for a cool swim, and then the tour drives to Amalfi. After a break to admire the oldest Marine Republic by the seaside, clients are lead to Marmorata waterfall.

The cost of the excursion comprises towels and drinks on board.

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Sunset Tour

The best way to end a day spent visiting villages and bays of the Amalfi Coast can not ignore the Sunset Tour offered by Amalfi Coast Charter: you can enjoy a romantic sunset off the island of the Sirens while you sip a glass of fresh prosecco while sea ​​breeze gently caresses your skin.

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Private Tours and special events

In addition to group excursions, Amalfi Coast Charter allows his clients to have customized private tour for small groups of hikers, with the possibility of establishing routes and times according to individual needs.

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Water transfert

Amalfi Coast Charter offers to its customers a service to connecting all the towns of the Amalfi Coast as well as thos of the Sorrento Coast through the use of fast boats. A transfert service is available for long distance trips too.

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Snorkeling is the practice of swimming near the sea-surface with mask, fins and snorkel, to admire safely and without any special equipment the sea below. Amalfi Coast Charter organizes excursions with snorkeling lessons in the bays and inlets of the Amalfi Coast, to allow everyone (even unexperienced divers) to enjoy the underwater beauty of the area. Our boats have been allowed to reach the Punta Campanella marine reserve: here it is possible to organize trips, diving as well as snorkeling activities.

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